HLI has a responsibility to its ultimate customer—the patient.

They take the products that we manufacture or package, expecting their health to improve. Patient safety is considered foremost in our Quality System. We are committed to deliver products of consistent and uniform quality at all times. To achieve this, we ensure that only products which meet our customers’ and the Bureau of Food and Drugs’ (BFAD) specification are distributed to the market.

HLI has a responsibility to its employees

In the course of business, we abide by or surpass the government’s labor code requirements. Furthermore, our work to improve employee health and well-being, and minimize the risk of illness or injury is embedded in our policies. Continuous employee training and development through in-house and third party programs are given.

HLI has a responsibility to the community

We provide monetary and medical contributions to non-profit organizations, aiming to bring sustainable improvements to health and education in under-served communities.

HLI has a responsibility to the environment

Solid, liquid, and gas—different states of waste material are disposed by the plant very responsibly. All government or national standards are complied with.

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